Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

What is ADHD?

The symptoms of ADHD present first in childhood and often persist into adulthood. There are three main variations of ADHD:  hyperactive, inattentive, and combined type. A person with untreated ADHD can face difficulties in managing daily tasks in different aspects of life.

What does ADHD look like?

People with ADHD can often appear spacey, disinterested, bored, anxious, restless, chaotic, disorganized, late, and inefficient.  ADHD can affect  many areas of one’s life including self-esteem, self-care, relationships, academics, and work life.

Can it be something else?

There are many conditions that can look like ADHD. Some include subtle learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, and substance abuse (particularly marijuana). Also, there are medical conditions that can have similar symptoms as ADHD.

Where do I get support/treatment?

There are many resources within Penn and outside of Penn that can offer support for ADHD.  First, you need to decide what type of support you might need.  Click here to help guide you

How can I learn more about ADHD?

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I have a formal ADHD Diagnosis and I need treatment.  Where do I go?

If you want CAPS to continue to prescribe you medication, there are a few things to be aware of:

1. CAPS provides short-term treatment for ADHD. We believe that the most effective treatment occurs when students engage in therapy in addition to medication.

2. Please contact your prior treatment provider(s) for a summary letter regarding your diagnosis and treatment. It will be valuable to have this letter with you or in our record at the time of your appointment with us. In addition, please bring or send us a copy of any psychological testing that has been done.  Copies of your school records/report cards are also useful.

If you want more choice regarding treatment options (e.g. medication alone; ongoing support for your time at Penn), CAPS can provide you with referrals.

I have never been diagnosed, but I think I have ADHD

You can start the evaluation process here at CAPS, please contact us.

I need academic accommodations for ADHD

Academic accommodations are processed through the Office of Student Disabilities Services. They are located at Stouffer Commons, Suite 300, 3702 Spruce Street.  Phone: 215-573-9235