CAPS Advisory Board (CAPSAB)

CAPSAB Mission

  • Provide student perspectives on CAPS policies and procedures
  • Promote CAPS services and mission
  • Increase mental health literacy among student community
  • Reduce stigma associated with mental health and help seeking
  • Foster a supportive and informed campus culture for issues related to mental health and wellness

Board Members

Justin Acheampong, Feedback Committee
Class of 2023, Psychology


Mental health is a very important topic to me, as someone who has struggled and is struggling with maintaining positive mental health. I want to be able to help those in the Penn community who are also struggling. Penn life, as well as life in general, can be really hard, and I want to work with CAPSAB to increase the quality of life of all Penn students, and to promote and improve the systems meant for when things get tough. 

  Sebleh Alfa, Feedback Chair
Class of 2023, Psychology


I joined CAPS advisory board to become a better resource of conducive mental health habits for myself and my peers. I believe mental health should be a top priority as a student, so I wanted to become as informed as possible and be of service to my community by participating in the various projects through CAPS.

Nicole Harrington, Feedback Committee
Class of 2023, Neuroscience


My life has been marked by under-treated mental illnesses. In my community especially, there is a lack of awareness and understanding concerning mental wellbeing, and I hope to learn effective ways to communicate and lead mental health initiatives through CAPSAB.

Stephanie Hasford, Chair
Class of 2022, Psychology


Mental health is important to me because I want to make sure that my community, and others alike, can be their best and happiest selves, regardless of social obstacles and situations they’ve endured. 

Cassandra Jobman, Video Committee
Class of 2021, Criminology


Cassandra is a Criminology major who is about to be DONE with Penn. She is passionate about prison abolition, stick and poke tattoos, and making mental health resources accessible for those affected by poverty. 

Tanay Jones, Secretary Team
Class of 2023, Psychology


Tanay is a sophomore planning to major in Psychology. She decided to join CAPSAB because she thinks the bridge between faculty and students at Penn is important in creating a healthy environment. She wants to be a part of creating that healthy environment and raising awareness.

Suhita Kodali, Chair
Class of 2021, Economics, Joint Minor in the Biological Basis of Behavior and Health Services Management


As I’ve seen the impacts of mental illness in my own life and those of people I love, I’ve come to the understanding that mental health truly does affect everyone, and is just as important as our physical health. In my opinion, mental wellness is the driving factor in our overall wellness and success, and I wish this was more widely understood. 

Kennedy Manley, Social Media Committee
Class of 2022, Mathematical Economics


I hope to make mental health a priority on campus by reducing the stigma and encouraging productive conversations. Self-care includes prioritizing mental health.

Alyssa Mann, Feedback Committee
Class of 2023, Psychology, Minor in Africana Studies


Quarantine completely changed my outlook on life. The time we spent in isolation opened my eyes to the importance of wellness and self-care. I hope that the involvement of myself and my peers in CAPSAB will lead to an increase in sensitivity toward mental health issues and a decrease in stigma related to seeking support.

Athul Nair, External Affairs Committee
Class of 2023, Biological Basis of Behavior


Mental Health is like a plant, it needs sunlight and water for a person to truly understand and appreciate it. The stigma around mental health is alarming and I wish to help more people understand how it truly does affect everyone. The conversation starts within but I hope through CAPSAB I can help people start those conversations.  

Nayely Rivera-Lavaire, External Affairs Committee
Class of 2023, Psychology


Prioritizing mental health is something that should be normalized; no one should be shamed for taking the steps to maintain their wellness. I want to help spread more awareness about the importance of a person’s emotional and psychological well-being, and I wish to make sure that the people I encounter stay as healthy as they can. 


Christina Sauveur, Social Media Committee
Class of 2023, Nursing


Until recently, it’s been hard for me to talk about mental health. I wanted to join CAPSAB to advocate for others that may feel this way. I want to raise my voice for those that may be too scared to raise theirs.

Janvi Shukla, Secretary
Class of 2021, Neuroscience & Nutrition Sciences


Mental health is important to me because personal struggles have taught me that one’s mental health pervades every aspect of their life, and to be truly healthy means to prioritize both physical and mental health. 

Lilianne Sutton, Video Development
Class of 2022, Biochemistry and Biophysics


I actively seek to dismantle Penn Face in every aspect of my interactions at Penn, as I believe it negatively impacts everybody. I want to improve mental health literacy at Penn, and open up conversations about seeking treatment, especially in the STEM majors at Penn. 

Abigail Walker, External Affairs Committee
Class of 2023, Communications & Creative Writing


I believe it is critical for the Penn community to easily access mental health resources. Exercise, sleep, and productive outlets work wonders in difficult moments, especially in tandem with a supportive environment like I hope to create for my peers. Above all, I hope fellow Penn students keep an open mind and take care of themselves!