CAPS and Career Services

The Career Exploration and Assessment Program is a collaborative program sponsored by both Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and Career Services. Because both offices offer a wide range (and occasionally overlapping) services, you may have some questions about where would be the appropriate location to seek support for career-related issues. Below are a few common questions that help identify resources at CAPS and at Career Services.

I’ve heard that I can take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory (SII) at Career Services´┐Żis it different at CAPS?

Not necessarily. Professional staff are available at both CAPS and Career Services to provide individualized feedback on the MBTI and SII. Please check out Career Services’ “Career Exploration” page to get more information about how the MBTI and SII are delivered at Career Services.

Why would I go to CAPS for career support?

CAPS and Career Services offer many similar resources when it comes to career support. The Career Exploration and Assessment Program is a joint venture between CAPS and Career Services; therefore, CAPS staff supports students across a wide array of psychological and social processes; for example, in the career exploration, professional identity development, and in identifying career options. Career Services staff may also support students in these processes. Career Services also supports students with the “mechanics” of job exploration, including resume and Cover Letter writing, support with informational interviewing, contacting alumni, etc.

Doesn’t CAPS only offer individual counseling?

CAPS offers a wide range of services, including career-related support. Please visit the CAPS main page for a comprehensive listing of the services provided at CAPS.

Please be sure to visit Career Services main page for more information about the services and programs they offer.