Coping with Stressful Times

The next few weeks can be stressful for many students due to academic pressures, sudden life changes, family issues, relationship concerns, losses due to deaths or breakups. It is going to be critical to recognize signs of unhealthy stress and figure out coping strategies.

Signs and Symptoms of Stress:

  • Body aches; sleep difficulties; persistent fatigue; restlessness.
  • Feeling anxious/worried; overwhelmed; sad; tearful; irritable; trouble concentrating.
  • Withdrawing from friends; missing classes; becoming impulsive; drinking/smoking or using other substances as a way to cope.
  • Having negative thoughts of self blame or self harm

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms on more days than not, it is advisable for you to discuss your feelings/situations with someone like a professional counselor, advisor, house dean, family member or anyone else you feel close to. If you are feeling concerned about a friend, family member or a significant other, please discuss your concerns with someone to figure out ways to reach out and support them.

Counseling can help in allowing you to receive support, enhance your understanding of your difficulties and in figuring out strategies to help you feel better.

If you would like further information or think you may be depressed, please call 215-898-7021 and schedule an appointment with a CAPS clinician.