Who we are

We are an interdisciplinary Team of mental health, medical and nutrition professionals who work closely together to treat Penn students with eating and body image concerns and disorders

What we do

  • We offer free,  confidential medical care, nutrition counseling and individual and group psychotherapy to Penn students
  • We help refer Penn students to other treatment services on and off campus
  • We provide consultation to friends, parents, faculty, coaches, Residential Living and other University staff who are concerned about an eating problem in a student
  • We offer educational outreach programs to campus groups on the topic of eating and body image concerns

To Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with a CAPS staff member who can help with questions or evaluation of eating concerns or disorders , please call the CAPS Triage Staff at 215-898-7021.  The triage staff member with whom you speak will take a few minutes to hear about your concerns and will assign you to meet with an appropriate CAPS therapist. Your therapist may suggest that you meet with a CAPS psychiatrist as well, if considering medication seems useful.

Eating Concerns Team Members at the Student Health Service

Medical Staff: For medical care, lab tests and information about medical complications of eating concerns and disorders. To schedule an appointment with a physician call student health at 215-746-3535 and ask for a 30 minute appointment. Email and voicemail are not efficient ways to schedule an appointment.

Vanessa Stoloff, MD                

Christina Paul, MD         

Nicole Otto, MD
Athletes only

Amanda Swain, MD

Leslie Thompson, MD

Nutrition Staff: For information about healthy eating and help with eating concerns and medical problems posing challenges to meeting healthy nutrition needs. Phone 215-746-3535 for an appointment.

Katy Meassick, Nutritionist

Colleen Young, RD, Nutritionist