Art Therapy for Eating Concerns Group

This group is for women and female-aligned nonbinary folx in recovery from eating concerns. This group is for those who have, or have a history of, anorexia, bulimia or binge-eating disorder and are actively working with a therapist to continue in their recovery. This group uses art therapy to explore issues and themes related to recovery, such as self-compassion and self-worth, interpersonal and family relationships, body image, the impact of society and culture, and coping with emotional and situational triggers. Art therapy promotes the safe expression of thoughts and feelings, and provides an opportunity to learn more about oneself and learn new ways to cope with uncomfortable experiences and emotions. This group is intersectional in its approach and honors one’s identities in recovery.

Artistic ability is not required to participate in this group! The focus is not on what your art looks like. Rather, the focus is on the process of art making, what you learned about yourself through art making, and what you were able to express and say in your artwork.

Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome. You must also be in individual therapy in order to participate in this group. For questions about this group, please reach out to CAPS or to the leader, Dr. Jeannine Cicco Barker, directly at:

When:  Fridays, 3-4:30pm from October 4, 2019 – May 8, 2020