Interpersonal Growth Groups (IGG)

Want to make genuine connections?

Want to learn about yourself and how you interact with others?

Then, Interpersonal Growth Groups (IGGs) are perfect for you!

In these groups, students meet weekly with therapist leaders to share concerns, get support, and learn from each other in a space of growth and safety. The power of IGGs lies in the interactions between students and what you learn about yourself as a result. IGGs provide an opportunity to learn about how others experience you, to study your own style of relating, and to practice engaging with others in way that leads to authentic, more satisfying relationships.

  • In group you can take a breath, leave the “Penn Face” at the door, and be open and genuine.
  • Students who participate in IGGs feel less isolated, more self-aware, and more connected to others.

 How can I grow?

  • Socially anxious students have pushed themselves out of the corner and practiced opening up at a comfortable pace.
  • Caretakers have learned to share their struggles and allow themselves to be known and supported by others.
  • Talkative students have learned to listen more deeply and feel more connected.
  • Distrustful students have learned to let others in and share more of themselves safely.

Spring 2020 Groups:

Thank you for your interest!  IGG sessions are now closed for the Spring semester.  Please check back later in the semester for next semester’s groups.