Manage Your Mood

This Skill-based workshop is for you if you:
> Feeling Overwhelmed, experiencing Mood Swings, Depression, or Lack of Motivation.
> Experiencing Self-harm (e.g., cutting), Suicidal Thoughts, Substance Abuse, Over Eating or Disordered Eating
> Experiencing drama in your Interpersonal Relationships or difficulty Asserting yourself.
> Not sure how to Manage your Stress, Anxiety, Panicky feelings.
> And More!

Group Leader: Yacob Tekie, PhD

Meeting Day: Thursdays, 2/7/19 – 4/4/19

Meeting Time: 4:00-5:00pm

Location: CAPS, 3624 Market Street, 1st Floor West – Community Room A & B

Number of Openings: Max 12

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*The Manage your Moods curriculum is loosely based on principles of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, by Marsha Linehan, and have been adopted for a wider audience.