The psychiatry team at CAPS is comprised of one nurse practitioner and five psychiatrists. They are a combination of full and part-time staff. They provide psychiatric evaluations, medication management and case management to students in concurrent counseling at CAPS who are seeking those services. Students can receive psychiatry services through a referral from their CAPS counselor.

The following are important considerations before a student starts a psychotropic medication:

If a student is wanting to start a medication near the end of the semester and is planning on leaving the Philadelphia area, it may not be possible for CAPS psychiatry team members to start that medication. If the student leaves the area, the prescriber would not be able to provide the appropriate medical follow-up necessary to ensure the medication is working in a safe and effective manner. Initial prescriptions will likely not be written during and after the last two weeks of classes, however, students can be connected with our referral services to find care at their future location.

If a student is already on medications prescribed by a member of the CAPS psychiatry team and is planning to be away for the summer or on a semester studying abroad, prescribers may continue to prescribe for the student depending on the stability of the student and the need for follow-up. Students will need to speak with their current prescriber about their care away from Philadelphia.

Psychiatry will provide some medication management to students who are not receiving counseling, though most psychological and emotional concerns are best managed by a combination of counseling and medication delivered in a coordinated fashion. Psychiatry team members will often recommend students return to counseling if deemed appropriate for effective overall care.

Students must inform psychiatry team members about their substance use before being prescribed a medication. Substance use includes the regular use of alcohol, marijuana, vaping any substance, and the use of any controlled substance. Failure to disclose this information can result in serious consequences to the student’s health.

If a student is seeking to establish or continue treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) they should review the following link to learn more about the disorder and services offered at CAPS here.