Making a Referral to CAPS

Your friend may be struggling with issues that can best be resolved by having your friend talk to a counselor. Suggesting counseling to your friend can oftentimes be the best thing you can do for them. Here are some suggestions on how to refer someone you care for to counseling at CAPS.

  • Assure your friend that resolving an issue through counseling, facing oneself, and acknowledging limitation are all signs of strength and courage, rather than signs of weakness or failure.
  • Share your own positive counseling experiences, if applicable.
  • Offer to walk with your friend to CAPS or CALL CAPS together to schedule an initial appointment.
  • Know INFORMATION ABOUT CAPS that may further convince the student to seek counseling, such as CAPS’ policy of confidentiality, free services, telephone number, web site, and regular and emergency hours.

Additional guidance for faculty and staff in referring students to CAPS