Who will I talk to?

If you call CAPS you will speak with a mental health professional who can discuss options with you including how to contact a member of the STTOP team.

Will I be forced to give details?

You will be asked routine questions; it is your decision what details you feel comfortable disclosing.

Will I have to identify the offender?

This will primarily be your decision however you may choose to discuss options concerning disclosure.

Do I have to tell my parents or family?

No, you do not have to tell your parents or your family. It is your decision with whom or if you decide to disclose.

Will CAPS contact my academic program or advisor?

This decision will be made collaboratively between you and your therapist.

Will CAPS tell my parents or family members even if I choose not to?

Not without your consent.

I was drinking and/ or using drugs. Does that make it my fault?

Sexual assault is the fault of the perpetrator.

What if I don’t remember anything?

You are still entitled to respect and whatever support you need.

What happens after my first meeting at CAPS?

(That is to be determined by you in collaboration between you and your therapist)

Will CAPS contact law enforcement if I choose not to report?

CAPS will not contact law enforcement without your consent.