Support Group for Survivors of Sexual Assault

This group is open to all woman-identifying (including cisgender women, trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are most comfortable in woman-identified spaces) Penn undergraduate and graduate students who have survived sexual assault that occurred during adolescence and/or adulthood. This group will aim to offer support, psychoeducation, and collective empowerment. Participants will choose weekly topics related to healing, reestablishment of safety, coping, and self-care (e.g., coping with emotional/physical triggers related to sexual assault), issues related to trust and emotional intimacy in relationships, ways of managing self-blame/guilt/shame following sexual assault, and issues related to sexual identity. This group will offer the space to process the specific barriers to justice that LGBTQIA+ women face, and stigma surrounding queer experiences of sexualized violence.








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