Drop-In Protocol

Drop-In staff members will be available each working day to meet with students who contact CAPS requesting a contact with a clinician. Students requesting a clinician contact by telephone are served by the ProtoCall staff, who are available 24 hours per day. If the ProtoCall clinician determines that the student would be best served in-person, due to the urgency or severity of the situation, they will direct the student to drop in to CAPS and they will inform the CAPS staff of this interaction.

The Drop-In Team consists of senior staff, Psychology Interns and Post-doctoral Psychology Fellow trainees. The Drop-In Coordinator oversees the activities of the other team members, leads a weekly team meeting to discuss clinical and logistical issues related to the team’s work, and monitors coverage to ensure all hours of the day are covered.

When students drop in, they speak with a Drop-In team member who conducts a brief screening. The screening consists of questions, including demographics (e.g. age, year in school), presenting problem, treatment history, substance usage, and academic concerns. Based on client responses, students may be assigned to CAPS senior staff and trainees for an initial assessment or the Drop-In team member may be able to resolve the concern in the drop in meeting.

If a student comes in on a more urgent basis, they are similarly assessed by a Drop-In Team member. If the client’s need is urgent, the Drop-In Team member will attempt to help them in the moment and, if necessary, hospitalize them. Drop In Team members may also schedule students for follow-up drop in meetings until the date of their scheduled Initial Assessment (IA).

At the conclusion of this screening, the clinical information gathered, coupled with the student’s availability could be used in scheduling an initial assessment with a therapist; or if the student requires immediate attention, the student will be directed to return to Drop-In at a specified time; or the student could be referred to a clinical provider outside of CAPS. When scheduled for an initial assessment at CAPS, clients are asked by the Drop-In counselor to arrive at the office 15 minutes prior to their appointment.

Doctoral interns will devote 2 hours per week, and postdoctoral fellows will devote 4 hours per week to the Drop-In team.

The Drop-In team coordinator will oversee the training process for Drop-In. After a two hour seminar of training, trainees will observe staff members conducting Drop-In meetings and will conduct Drop-In meetings under observation until the Drop-In coordinator determines that they are ready for independent coverage.