Office Resources

Office Resources


Mrs. Abeeda Warnauth is the Office Manager. Among other things, she is the person to see for all accounting procedures (e.g. reimbursements and health coverage questions), when there is a question or concern about the physical office environment, or when you need office equipment or supplies. She is also the person who assigns office space and keys.

Trainees are assigned office space for the days they are at CAPS. Part-time trainees are assigned offices which may be used by other clinicians on alternate days. Basic furniture is provided and is not to be rearranged; from other parts of the agency is not to be moved into the office. Trainees are free to bring in additional items such as lamps or wall hangings.

To have the room vacuumed at the end of the day, leave a note on the office door. Office cleaners are here after 6 p.m. and will lock doors as they leave.

At the end of the day, trash cans are to be placed outside of office doors for the cleaning crew to empty.

When using the kitchen area, all dishes are to be washed right away, and all leftovers are to be removed as soon as possible from the refrigerator.


Each office is equipped with a computer with Internet access. Each trainee is given computer training during the orientation period of the training experience. Each trainee is assigned a personal logon ID and password to be used in order to work on the computer. When experiencing difficulties with the computer, please note the problem/error message and notify HireIT. At the close of the day you must log off the computer, leaving it powered on.

Each trainee also has a webcam attached to the computer to allow for video-recording of client sessions and sessions with their supervisees.

Sound Machines

Sound machines are embedded in the ceilings of each office.  They are automatically activated at the start of business each day and deactivated when the office closes.


Each trainee has their own mailbox in the mail room, adjacent to the front desk. The copier/fax machine/scanner is also located in this room and all trainees have access to this machine. The fax number is (215) 573-8966. All faxes should be limited to materials pertaining to work at CAPS.


All copying should be limited to those items pertaining to work at CAPS. Any copy work over 25 copies, such as group fliers, articles, books, etc., should be put in the work box at least three days prior to when it is needed.


Office supplies are located in the storage cabinets near the mailboxes. Peter Zamora should be notified when we are running low, or are out of an item.


Each trainee has access to messages in the Task List of the Titanium software system, and has a physical mailbox (in the mailroom) which should be checked on a regular basis throughout the day.


There are four administrative assistants, an IT Manager, and an Office Manager at CAPS who are available to assist all staff and trainees. Administrative assistants receive telephone messages for staff and trainees and greet all incoming clients and inform staff and trainees of their clients’ arrivals.