Video Recording

Trainees will videotape all sessions. Recording is done digitally, and is used in supervision for the purposes of quality assurance as well as for teaching. In rare instances, trainees may obtain permission from their supervisor to treat a client without taping.

The Video Recording Consent Form must be signed and discussed in the initial session before beginning to record. Discussion should include:

� Security: all recorded files are maintained on the secure CAPS server (G: drive) in the Trainee Video Sessions folder.
� Confidentiality of the recorded files: only trainee’s supervisors will review the videos, which should be labeled with client’s first name and stored on the main G: drive in the Trainee Video Sessions folder.
� Destruction of video files: the session files should be deleted as quickly as possible. The IT Manager will routinely delete all videos that are more than one month old.

Video recordings are not allowed to be taken from CAPS under any circumstances.

If the quality of the session recordings is poor, trainees should consult with their supervisor and the IT Manager.

If a client refuses to give consent for recording, or after giving consent requests to stop recording, the trainee should stop recording and continue the session. It is suggested that this be processed with the client during the session. In addition, this issue should be discussed in supervision and with the Director of Training. Determination of how the situation should be dealt with regarding recording and possible case re-assignment will be discussed with Director of Training and the trainee’s supervisor.