Safety Considerations

Please be cognizant of security concerns. Secure wallets and purses in offices and close doors when offices are not in use. There are security cameras in every hallway at CAPS and the video is continuously visible at the front desk. 

Hours of operation are 9 AM to 5 PM on Monday and Friday; 9 AM to 7 PM on  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; Saturday 10 AM to 3 PM. Trainees may not schedule any sessions (other than groups, which are co-facilitated), outside of those hours. If for any reason a client must be seen outside of business hours, this should be discussed with both the supervisor and Director of Training as the supervisor or a senior staff person will need to be on site during that time.

After hours, staff and trainees may enter CAPS by sliding their Penn ID card in the reader outside the front door.  This also provides access to the side door of CAPS, since that door is always securely locked. The Office Manager will give each trainee a key to their office door at the start of the training experience. Trainees and staff may access the building after hours and on weekends by using their building ID card.  Both the Penn ID card and building ID card will be issued during orientation. If trainees need to access the CAPS suite on weekends, all safety and security issues should be taken into consideration. There are no security officers on duty on the weekends or after 7 PM on weeknights.

If a trainee feels threatened or in any danger during a therapy session, the trainee should call the front desk and ask for assistance.  In more serious circumstances, where the police must be notified and dispatched to CAPS immediately, the trainee should use the panic button.  Panic buttons have been installed in each office and they are located under the desk top, adjacent to the computer keyboard. Penn police will receive the urgent call for help and will be notified of the office location.  They will arrive at CAPS quickly and proceed to the therapy office where the panic signal originated.   

All keys must be turned in by the official last day of the training experience.

The front office door is automatically locked by an electronic system at closing time. Those staff and trainees who wish to re-enter after departing will need to use their Penn ID to do so.  The lock cannot be manually disabled.

See also Penn Public Safety and the Emergency Procedures poster (PDF)