Treatment Team Meetings

Each Treatment Team is comprised of a prescriber and social work and psychology staff members. Trainees from each discipline and the range of training programs are also assigned to each team. The team meets weekly for one to one and a half hours, depending on the time of academic year. Team members refer their clients to the prescriber on their team for medication evaluations and treatment.

The purpose of the team meeting is twofold: a group process for peer case discussion that can include obtaining treatment recommendations for the case as well as a training activity to hone case presentation, treatment planning, and diagnostic/assessment skills. (This is also an opportunity for staff who share cases, such as between prescribers and therapy staff, to discuss treatment issues.)

Several cases may be presented during the meeting. Each team determines their own format at the beginning of the year.

If any member of the Team is personally acquainted with a student whose case will be discussed during the disposition meeting, that team member should excuse him or herself during that portion of the meeting.